28 September 2010

an explosion of another kind

Speaking of Relay, I'm seriously about to just throw my hands up and walk away. I can't get any sort of input from anyone at all and I can't handle it. I have a ton of other things on my plate right now including a painting that is driving me up the wall insane and Bible study which is about eight shades more important. If I don't get some help soon or at least some input from SOMEwhere, I'm probably just going to explode. I don't mind doing it. I love it and I enjoy planning things, but I'm walking pretty blind right now. I know the overall goal. I know what has to be done, but it's the small stuff like planning meetings, sending emails, and getting input from others on this stuff that isn't happening. I can't do it all. I'm not that much of an overachiever and if my grades start dropping, something else is going to get dropped.

I'm just frustrated. I don't expect anyone to be available on the spot when I have a question or need input, but I expect for there to be some sort of input at regular intervals in this deal. We're all going through a lot, whether it's class and homework or LIFE in general. Let's not be ridiculous. If we don't work together, this is going to fall apart or be just as skeletal as it has been in the past. How about we grow up and be proactive?

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