14 September 2010


I don't know where to begin or how to describe the encounter I just had, but I will try, without being too specific or too general because neither are appropriate.

I started praying about ten months ago for this one specific situation, circumstance, and person. It was tough. Like most colds or stomach viruses, I saw it get worse and worse before I even imagined it could get better. Roughly a month ago now I felt the urge to pray again for this situation, circumstance, and person. I don't remember the words and can't describe what about it was different, but I know I prayed for a hurricane.
Pause and let me clarify something: I believe fully that God answers prayers immediately. It's not something we have to wait for or anticipate. We pray and He answers. There is no delay.
I prayed and just let it go. After a rather lengthy conversation, I prayed again, but I felt like I was just putting my stamp on the letter and sending it, if you will.
I saw the fruit of God's answer five days later, but it was almost like seeing rain clouds, but not getting rain. I knew God had promised rain, but it wasn't raining yet.
Tonight I realized I've been standing in the midst of a downpour. A hurricane has never shaken me so violently with peace.
I spent twenty-seven minutes in tears of absolute humility, pain, awe, and excitement - comparable to ripping a bandaid off a large wound and cleaning it. I was humbled by the sheer fact that God had answered my prayers and again that He would SHOW me that He answered. I was hurt by the pride I'd had in praying and in the sheer fact that I have been walking with a chain around me that no one is holding onto, but me. I was in awe of God's mercy, His two-fold blessing, and just in seeing Him. I was excited to hear the love of Christ and flame of desire to GO for God from the other end of the telephone line.

I serve a God that answers prayers in word, but also brings them to fruition before your eyes, even if it takes a while for you to see.
I serve a God who comes in like a hurricane when you least expect it and don't even know.
I serve a God who tears walls down and AWAKENS His people.
I serve a God who serves as the third chord in every beneficial relationship and who cannot and will not be shaken, nor will He have me or my brothers and sisters in Christ, who have ALL been called by name - by our very DNA, taken from His hand.
I serve a God who answers prayers above and beyond what I ask.
I serve a God who does not stop at "enough."

there is NO ONE GREATER.

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  1. That is so awesome!!! I love it when God allows us to see our answered prayers!! It's so amazing and reminds us what a faithful and loving God he is!! Thanks for posting this, I needed to hear it!!