31 July 2010

drawing a blank

I apologize for not updating for so long. My life has been so full - from a day camp with some wonderful children this past week to working daily babysitting a 4year old - Kaleb. I am exhausted. I leave for school in 3 weeks...and will be going without my car. Poor Ben is costing too much to fix for my budget to handle right now. I've just got so many other things to work on, but I know God has a plan.
These past few weeks have been hard on my heart in many ways - a lot of which I won't go into for your sake as much as for mine. However, I would love to share a few things God has been working on.
I was offered a position at the church I attend in Rome to be a receptionist of sorts. It will only be a few hours a week, but involves coffee and pouring into a ministry I really believe is alive in God. I'm wondering now how that will work out without my car, but again - I praise Adonai that I am NOT in control! He opened up a way for me to serve while I was home and I know He'll provide when I'm at school as well...for both CR and NA, I hope.
My beautiful second mother, Mrs Joyce, recently found out that her mother, Mrs Joanne, has breast cancer. She is getting a mastectomy and they are praying that her lymph nodes have not been infected. Please pray with me and their family! Mrs Joyce has been such a powerful and influential part of my life and her parents are just wonderful! Not only that, but to God be the glory, regardless of the outcome.

Jimmy Needham is playing in Macon on August 13th at Wesleyan College! You guys should all come. =) Tickets are $12 dollars and can be purchased through me, LifeWay in Macon, Lamb's Well in Warner Robins, and Beauty for Ashes in Perry. Citizens of Heaven, some super awesome guys from Macon, will be opening up for him. It's going to be a real treat. Not only will there be great music, but both of these bands have some amazing stories to tell that glorify God to the utmost.

I have to wake up early in the morning so I am o.u.t.

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