31 August 2010

Up 'Til Dawn

Okay, before bed I've got to show you guys this video and tell you a little bit about life.
For quite a few years now I've had this huge tug on my heart to work with St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I don't know how or when or really anything, but God has that place and those sweet children on my heart so much. When I think I've forgotten, He sends something else to remind me.
Just now I stumbled upon this website: Up Til Dawn
and this video:

Talk about tears. I can't help but feel that I'll be doing something with St Jude's or Egleston after college. The funny thing is..those kids don't need encouragement. They're probably the happiest, most content kids ever...because, though they've seen some of the hardest times and watched their parents cry out to God asking WHY it had to be their baby, their faith is stronger. They don't doubt that God exists and that He, as Jehovah Rophi (the God who heals) and Moshia (our Savior), is alive and active today.
What faith. What boundless, mindblowing faith.
Abba, make me as a child with unending faith in You.

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