19 August 2010

Giver of Life

Alright, alright! I should be finishing up all this packing business, but I've got some incredible news!! I can't hide it. I literally have been soaring for a few hours now. I'm just so excited!

Okay, first of all - happy birthday to my now 24 year old brother. How cool.
Second of all, I am leaving Saturday...so making my rounds to see everyone is just so hard! I went for a few hours to see my beautiful second mama, Mrs. Joyce. I love her so much. I can't even begin to explain to you guys how much she has meant to me throughout my life...from Kindergarten, literally, until now. She has just been such a rock in my life and God has used her in so many ways, even if only to hug me. She is definitely a woman to know. Without a doubt. ANYWAY - I may have mentioned this a few posts ago but she is recently married. Her husband, David, is a really wonderful guy. HE is going to grab a fuel filter for me, basically take my poor engine apart and fix Ben!! I'm so excited!!!! =D I will pay him back, of course, but just the fact that it's getting done mo' quick = <3. God definitely provides. Even now, when I don't have Ben to drive to school and all, God has a plan and He provides a way!
THIRD, and most important because I am just beyond excited............MRS JOYCE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MAMA#2 IS HAVING A BEHBEH!!! I can't explain how excited I am! I am just gushing! I can't wait to see this little baby. I don't care if it's a girl or a boy (though, I've gone through two boys - my little brother and Riley - and would love to have a little girl to dote on), I am just so excited to see it grow. She is such an incredible mama! I am on cloud seventy five right now. Literally. Just wow! I'm in awe of God...the life breather. That's just phenomenal to me. Isn't He just great?!

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