28 August 2010

blissful breeze

Well, my first week at school was a long one. It's always such an incredible load at first if only due to the influx of syllabi. As my painting professor put it, "I'm sure you have syllabus fatigue by now." He said that on Tuesday. You can only imagine how fatigued we were by Friday!
I'm quite enjoying my classes though. Painting seems like it may be a lot of effort, much like drawing, but I will enjoy it. Adams is the picky sort, but he loves what he does. As much as he drives me crazy, I really like him.
Renaissance Art promises to include field trips and 20 minute class presentations, but as I've said before, I can be afraid of nothing after Jane Austen! A 5-10 page paper is mere child's play.
Speaking of Jane Austen, I have Trolander again this semester - my advisor - who always adds satiric humor to the class. It reminds me horrifically of AP Lang. We will be studying tons of literary terms and such. Oh how I miss Hoffa!
Alas, she is in England, which brings me to my next class: Modern British Literature. I am quaking at the thought of tackling Joyce's Ulysses, but it must be done. It's later in the semester. Hopefully I will still have a burst of strength to get through it. The class is promising, but not my favorite.
Old Testament will be a hassle, I'm sure, but I am already enjoying it. Hill brought out some incredible points about Genesis 1 and 2 that will blow your mind - another post for another time.

It's entirely too beautiful to stay inside.

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