09 July 2010

"Week" should have 5 letters

My parents and family (extended and otherwise) left for the mountains on Monday. Fortunately, I had the day off, though I didn't find out until 6:30am that day. It was alright. I managed to sit around like I have never sat around. I finished a blanket that I've been working on since November - 6x7ft...it covers a queen sized bed for SURE and it's gorgeous shades of blue..well, I will just upload a picture.

Well, I spent the day watching reruns of NCIS, House, JAG (gosh I miss that show), Reba, and of course Grey's Anatomy. Hannah joined me later that night and we sat around a little more. I decided Tuesday morning early that I would love to remake part of my house for my parents - you know, tear out the cabinets in the kitchen and put in new ones (or just remodel the kitchen), put new carpet in the living room...the list goes on and on.
Instead, I remembered that our bathroom was in the middle of being repainted, but due to some unfortunate circumstances (laziness mostly), it had been put on hold months ago..actually, I think it was over a year ago. Anyway, I managed to find the paint, grab some tape, and go to work with some major help from Hannah. We painted most of it (except for two small parts that need to have the drywall replaced) and even managed a little bit of creativity with a stripe. :) I went today and cleaned the entire bathroom - I mean intense clean - and cleaned up the kitchen as well.
Hard work? Yes, of course...but it was still fun.
That on top of keeping Kaleb 3 days this week. He's a hoot, but definitely hard work. He's your typical 4-year-old -- his favorite word is "why" and he demands attention. However, he swims like a beast and cracks some great jokes.
Now, I'm kicking back with a nice cold drink and it's finally thundering outside. wooooohoooo!

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