14 July 2010

Bragging rights

Okay, before I head to bed I have to take a moment to brag.

I am so proud of my boys! Atlanta represented so well tonight!!! Brian McCann definitely brought the heat with the double that lead the National League to the 3-1 victory! Not only that, but the National League now has HFA for the World Series and BMac is the MVP.
He got a glass bat.
I'm only slightly jealous!

My parents were laughing at me - they went to bed before the game was over, but heard me yelling at the tv. And let me tell you, my fingers hurt so much from the conversation(s) I was having via text/facebook/twitter with three of the most wonderful baseball fan buddies ever! (They're also pretty wonderful people) -- Brittnee, Betsy, and Marc!

Anyway, I'm still a little wound up from the All-Star game, but it's time for bed. Kaleb and I are up for a long day tomorrow! We will have fun, though. =)

oh, and I wore a UGA shirt during the game....I think football season is coming up. s.t.o.k.e.d.
this southern girl loves some sports.

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