01 August 2009

hearts and stars

This week has been crazy and I can't believe it's over already..
I love weekends, but when I get to them, I feel like everything has been so rushed sometimes. This, particularly, is one of those weeks. Maybe it's because of the rain. It tends to make me itch to move and do.

Honestly, so much has happened this week.

Jen, Amber, and I managed to find 150 people in the southeast that would come to see Sam Bradley if he played in Georgia. 150 people. That's a bunch in one week.
I've also admitted a lot of things that I would never have admitted to myself before this week. Why this week? I don't really know. It's harder to admit things when they overwhelm you; this I know. Some things just slip out, regardless of your willingness to disclose that information.
Vague, I know. Blame it on Houser for telling me I was the queen of it.
I'm ever closer to finishing my notebook and will soon need another. I found some leather-bound ones at Walmart the other day but all the had was pink and black. Neither of those colors appeal to me right now.I feel like God has always lead me to my others, so I expect no different this time.
I have a spiral bound one here, but I don't want to use it. There are words written on its cover that seem hollow and vacant. It would probably be better off burnt.

Besides this, I've learned five chords on guitar [thanks to Adam] and I'm working on callouses. I think I have a few starting to form, which I'm entirely too excited about. I might be the most practicing student ever!
It would be amazing to pick up an instrument and know how to play it, but I don't mind the work for now. :)

My sister is amazing. She is a blessing from the one MOST amazing - my Father in heaven.

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