27 August 2009


Solomon created a temple
extravagant and dedicated to the One above
Inside was a veil
of purples, blues, golds, and riches
This curtain of time separated
the presence of the Holiest
from the bloodstained lives of those who worshiped.

Jesus came speaking peace, changing rules.
He crossed the great divide
and conquered it all.
He taught intimacy and encouraged love.
When his last breath escaped
the battered body of an innocent lamb
all limitations were lost.

His body is our bridge
over an ancient chasm.
The veil was torn as he won the battle
and we were set free
so who am I to be scared r fear
He gave me all of Him
So I will give him all of me.

What could separate us, the psalmist says
What veil have I hung
to remove Him and bring distance once again?
I am unworthy, but he said he wanted all or nothing
What is this veil that withholds me
from His wonderful grace and mercy,
from the full divine presence of my Lord?!

[He asked for all or nothing
but what am I willing to give?
which parts will I hoard?
and why do I not trust Him?]

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