04 August 2009

recent goings

1. Got my ticket to see the B-man on August 21!!! I'm spending the niggit with Jennimifer [even if she doesn't know it yet], then scooting myself to college the next day.
2. Got me some new glasses. :) They're red...not like.....fire-engine/Marilyn Monroe's lipstick red. It's more of a darker red, but I like them a lot.
3. As of some time this week, my curls will be gone. :( Sad, I know, but I don't have 80 bucks to get my hair re-permed. Maybe at Christmastime I can get it done again, because I'm sure going to miss them. I love them a lot.
4. I really want to pack for college right.now. ... but I don't leave for two weeks and some change, so I really just gotta wait.
5. I'm getting a car. :) Well, I've practically got it. It's April's old TeamHonda, but now it's mine!! I'm really stoked about it. It's not amazing, but it runs and will get me to the R and back. That's all I'm worried about. God provides. He is phenomenal.
6. I think that's all. :) Oh, I love God..a lot. :)

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