09 August 2009

Beauty's Dance

[my cousin found this and I thought it was positively beautiful..think about it when you read it]

"The King will desire your beauty. Bow down to Him, for He is your Lord." Psalm 45:11

I'm standing in the ballroom up against the wall;
I watch my good friends talking, not noticing me at all.
A tear falls down my made-up face; pins fall out of my hair.
I quickly walk to the punch bowl avoiding every stare,
I run back to my brand-new spot and find myself a seat;
I feel completely damaged, pounded by defeat.
A distant figure takes my eye, and I decide to glance;
A gorgeous man, a perfect sight, is asking girls to dance.
Not just the girls who choose to stand in the middle of the floor,
But all the girls who hide their faces, looking for the door.
He slowly starts to come my way, and I pretend not to see.
Surely, He is looking farther; He couldn't be looking at me.
He pulls my chin up into his stare and silently makes me glance.
I look up in His loving eyes as He quietly asks me to dance.
I shake my head in disbelief and try to wake my dream;
There is no way I could go dancing in the arms of a holy King.
He leads me to center floor and locks my hand so tight;
And I am lost inside his love, His purity, truth, and light.
He leans down by my listening ear and whispers very slow,
"I love you more than you could see. You're beautiful, you know."
In tears I ask if He will hold me as I've never been held before,
And he wraps me up in His arms of love and says, "It is you I adore."
-Kaitlin Downing

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