24 October 2011

Shameless plugs

Hey family. I hope you're all doing well on this overly productive Monday. I'm not sure what got into me, but I'm practically finished with my homework for tomorrow and I've tackled several tasks that have been daunting to say the least.
I'm begging, again, for some deep prayers.  This World Race deal is 11 months in 11 countries. I would miss quite a few things that I'm not so sure I'm ready to miss yet. Granted, It's October and my potential departure is 11 months away, however, I'm beginning to get cold feet. Whether or not God wants me on this trip is uncertain to me, but I know that I need to follow through on this application, regardless.
A good friend of mine, Josh, is going on a trip in the fall to Asia with his BCM. He, honestly, only asks for your prayers because that's the best thing, but is also in need of financial support. Go to this website and click on "General Donation" (not the SE Asia trip..that's from last year). If you'll add a special note to the recipient that says "For Josh," that would be awesome. I know he'll really appreciate it.
In other news, CAC and the Relay for Life committee are preping for our Kickoff this Wednesday night. I'm super excited. If you'd like to donate here's where you go: Http://relayforlife.org/berrycollege

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