26 October 2011

To-do lists

This is a run down of my agenda tomorrow:
8:15am wake up, shower, breakfast
9:30am Shakespeare (watch Hamlet in class and fall asleep)
11am lunch, work, Hermann attic party, do notecard for Contemporary
2pm Contemporary Lit
3:30pm work
5pm make dinner, work on Realism/Naturalism notecard
7pm Up Til Dawn letter writing
9pm study for Spanish test (Friday 9am) - vocab, lab book, study guide
11:30pm (hopefully) sleep

Friday looks a little like this:
7:30am breakfast, study
9am Spanish test
10am badminton
11am shower, snack, finish R/N homework
12pm R/N class
1pm nap
2pm spend time with my best friend
5pm dinner with friends
9pm Nightmare on Elm Street (maybe)
11pm Waffle House

Did I mention that I love my best friend? She's pretty awesome. Thankful for her.

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