10 May 2010

"spring" cleaning

I've been packing and unpacking like crazy today. Yes, packing as well. My room has become the catch-all for everyone's STUFF, but mostly my things from high school and younger and Riley's odds and ends from the past four years. I took everything out from under my bed today and went through it all....trashing boxes, plural, FULL of old notes. I don't know why I kept so much from middle school when I hated it so much, but now it's practically gone. Our notes were folded in crazy ways, full of boys and drama that we thought was important. Those days were crazy. I emptied my trunk of college things only to fill it again with four tubs of books. One is books that I usually take to school - I usually read them regularly or quote them in papers or simply want to look sophisticated with them. The other three are full of children's books, tween novels, and who knows what others. Mom won't let me get rid of them. She's probably right, but I think someone could benefit from reading them right about now. She wants me to have my bookstore when I'm older....more like a library, I think.
I still have to clean everything OFF my bench to tackle what's inside, not to mention the disaster that is my closet. I have a feeling this will take a while.....but my clothes are out of my car now so I can actually wear something that looks semi-descent.
Oh, and I found my tennis racket. I'm really feeling those four hour days on the court again. Summer '06 throwback time. =)

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