26 May 2010

flood gates

My mom hit the nail on the head today: "When it rains here..it pours." - both figuratively and literally.

My granddaddy was rushed to the hospital yesterday because he was disoriented and saying stuff that didn't make sense. Last night they told my uncle and gramma that he was simply dehydrated, but after running some tests, the doctor believes that he had a stroke. They scheduled a sonogram on his neck to confirm. He was diagnosed less than a year ago with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, but has been taking medicine to slow the progression of both and has been doing quite well.
My family has experienced a bunch of loss in the past three years and I'm not quite ready to deal with more of those phone calls - you know, the ones that result in a hospital visit and lots of crying.
I believe it was a mild stroke - I haven't heard anyone say that he has lost movement - but details are slow in coming.
On top of that, my dad talked to the guy that's diagnosing Ben, my car. He said that the timing belt is broken, which is why it won't crank. This alone can cost up to $500. However, when the timing belt breaks, it can bend valves as well...if any of the valves are bent, the entire job will cost around $1000 dollars. And I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with the problems he was having this semester....so, I am currently without a car and really seeking the Lord before I make my next move. It seems almost pointless to spend a good $1500 fixing Ben when I could buy another (better) car for that much or a little more. And again, money is the issue - I don't have $1500 or even $500...or a summer job....YET.
God has always provided up until this point so I don't doubt that He will again, but I have to say I'm at MY end. Maybe that's where God wants me..wants US...is at the end of all we are.

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