06 May 2010

I've got a second

to take in one last deep breath before diving back in again.

I am one final and one essay revision away from the surface.
Excited? Terribly.
This summer is going to be epic if it goes in any shape the way I am praying it will. Six Flags, the Zoo, and wonderful friends may very well show their faces.

In other news, I burnt my feet walking on concrete. It's almost like walking on broken glass. I recommend both..but only if you're in the mood to be barefoot.
My Jane Austen paper came out at a 91 and my final at a 77, resulting in my 81 average in the class. Some might be disappointed, but I worked hard for that B. I am proud. Besides, my name starts with "B." It fits perfectly.
I have two spots on my right hand where 97 balloons rubbed them raw. Yes, 97. I will only say a friend is graduating and we saran wrapped her car. It.was.epic.
Lauren, Kyndal, and Joshua are graduating soon - I don't know what to do with myself. I may end up crying like my mother. Which would simply be embarrassing. My babies are all growing up! I love them so!
Saturday is graduation here in Rome. I have a feeling it's going to be an incredibly hilarious day. Maybe with signs. Surely with tons of pictures.
I used to hate taking pictures. Now I just hate taking serious ones alone.
The reservoir is fun. There is a tunnelcave and we will explore it.....as soon as someone buys a flashlight.

Somehow, even amidst the stress and off-the-wall drama, God always finds the comic relief. And how easy it is to remember those good times - like Tarzan and rocking chairs - instead of the bad stuff ...like say finals. =)

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