01 June 2011

I always blog right before Spanish

Reading Beth Moore's latest blog post today for our Memory Verse #11 and WOW...

Exodus 34:4-7 first of all. I love the part in 33 when God hides Moses in the rock and he sees God's glory and all that jazz - talk about WOW moment. That's one of those climax, tension building, awe-inspiring, firework moments in a movie.
Okay, but now in 34 when God introduces himself as Yahweh to Moses - this is like the BIG DEAL - I mean God's saying "you don't have to call me Mr Awesome anymore..just call me Yahweh." that's like saying "I'm no longer Mr. President. Just call me Barak."
Hello. big deal.
But instead of just saying "Just call me Yahweh." he says "Hey I'm Yahweh. I'm gracious and compassionate."
God INTRODUCES Himself as compassionate and gracious. Because these are part of who He IS and He doesn't change, He is continually compassionate and gracious - He can't look at us without looking at us through grace and compassion..being slow to anger and FULL of faithful love.
wowowowow. Sometimes I think God can't possibly see me and show me compassion after some of the things I've done/thought/seen..or even just because I'm so mediocre, and yet He does. I'm not justifying any of my mediocrity or mistakes, but God is STILL God and He is STILL gracious and compassionate.



faithful love.


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