06 June 2011

complacent prayers

"God, thanks for all the stuff you gave me and for the new day and for all the fun we've had. Help us follow you and glorify you in everything we do. Amen."

Wow. What a complacent prayer. I'm more ashamed at how many times this has come out of my mouth in the morning before work. Sure, there may be a few more specific details, but this is the gist. Thank you Lord for this day and help me be a better person.

But isn't it more than that? By it I mean knowing and loving and being with God - talking to Him.
Isn't ANY relationship more than that? Or shouldn't it be? 

Webster says a relationship is the way someone is connected to someone or something else. We're supposed to be connected to God by more than just a glimpse at the coffee shop or McDonalds Drive-Thru. 

If God is supposed to be our most intimate confidant, why do we not spent more time talking with Him? It's intimidating that He KNOWS...I mean..He knows everything before we tell Him, but does that mean we should completely alleviate talking to Him about everything? He knows our needs, but does that mean we should stop asking or stop telling Him we trust Him? 

When we pray, why do we skim the surface of what really needs to be said? Why do we "make do" with thank you for this and help me be better? 

Honestly, that's more similar to your "relationship' with your school principal - you only talk with them when you get in trouble and even then you're just trying to ease the consequences.

Why do we expect God to respond so actively and fervently to our lukewarm prayers and non-existent relationship with Him?

James 2:19 says, "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that - and shudder!"

"Prayer isn't just an empty box to fill in on your morning checklist." - Steven Furtick

It's so much more than just lip-service.
It's a relationship.

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