04 April 2011

Five Weeks

Until summer officially begins.
However, here's an overview of the main events in my life until then:

1. 20 Century Art History research paper 2nd draft due last Thursday (aka today)
2. Romantic Lit. essay test 2 due Friday April 8
3. 2D Mountain day Tshirt design due Wednesday April 11
4. 20 Century Art History Presentation (on said research paper) due April 19-28
5. Renaissance Lit. epic essay due Thursday April 26
6. Western Lit essay 3 due Friday April 29
7. Romantic essay test 3 due Tuesday May 3
8. 20 Century Art History research paper due Wednesday May 4
9. Renaissance Final Project due Finals week (May 2-6)
10. 2D Final Project due Friday May 6

I'm still in the research phase of my paper for art history.
I haven't started my test for Romantic that's due Friday.
I have sketch ideas for my t-shirt design - by sketch I mean not very worthwhile.
I obviously don't know what to present for art history.
We haven't received our Renaissance epic essay assignment...yet.
Ditto for Western Lit essay 3.
Ditto for Romantic test 3.
Again, research paper.
I have no idea what I'm doing for the final project in Renaissance. Another sonnet?
I wish I had ideas for my 2D final, but I don't.

Extracurricular: Relay for Life Friday April 15. (That's next week..)

AH! This semester is almost finished. I'm excited about what's to come. I can't make it to summer without some serious anointing from the Holy Spirit.

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