19 April 2011


I decided just now that I miss my birthday. It was a good one. I had lots of presents from the dollar store that were foamy and could be worn - either as a hat or a bra of sorts. It was exciting and fun. And I wore them because I was awesome.
Can we go back to my birthday? Or forward? Let's just add a few people..and not let Madi leave the country until AFTER my birthday.

Also, coffee late at night does make me productive, especially after not having coffee for quite some time - I think I stopped drinking it back in early March on accident. It definitely wasn't intended. I still drink coffee if I visit Cups and Mugs, but that's not on a regular basis.

Tonight's poison: caramel frappe. delish.



Survivor goal: exceeded (it was so beautiful to see Ingrid McConkey there. I am so thankful she was well enough to make the survivor lap and be honored and supported for her strength)
Participant goal: exceeded (and let me tell you, they all showed up to Relay!)
Team goal: exceeded (their fundraisers were SO good!!)
monetary goal: exceeded (not only did we go over our goal for money raised, we raised more $ per individual than UGA did...)

I can't begin to tell you how surreal that night was, how wonderful it was, and how I am absolutely bursting with pride - this year's exec committee was SO much more than I could have hoped for and each and every person who donated or was involved kicked major cancer butt this year by seriously taking this thing and running with it. They all legitimately ACTED instead of simply sympathizing.

I really can't begin to tell you how incredible my friends are as well - Susan and Cody stayed all night with me. I know I had my committee and so many others on so many teams, but it was good to have Suz there with me and Cody hanging around. Madi and Sarah both had huge things Saturday so they could only stay until midnight or one, but having them there was so good. We even got a caricature of the four of us. Having so many of my friends involved this year was definitely a highlight. I'm so thankful for the people in the past who decided to start and carry on Relay at BC - it's a huge part of my life and obviously some others on campus. Thankful for the opportunity to serve.


Now that I've given a brief overview of how incredible Relay was on Friday night along with my obvious inability to handle coffee late at night...I'm headed to finish my essay. There's only some analysis left.

p.s. Stoked for Madi who heard back from FUGE camps today - she officially has a job over the summer. What an incredible experience to watch her trust in God flourish into His faithfulness. So incredible. Our God is able and willing!

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