23 March 2009

tweedle dee

I found out that Luke Campbell isn't doing well. He's not a close friend of mine, but close to my family and church. It makes me sad. Gosh, to know that someone's got so much of their life ahead of them and having to struggle with something like this.

All I know is...God is working it for good [Romans 8:28]. He and his family will have such great testimonies. Regardless of the outcome, I'm very sure that God has been working in all the lives touched by his story and life.

Mine has been. I've said it before, but cancer has rocked my world. I haven't had it and thankfully no one in my immediate family has been diagnosed, but many people in my life have been touched by it, and therefore I have been touched.

Cancer is no scarlet letter to be worn in shame, but rather a cross born in strength...a race won--yes, won--a fight, victorious.

Oh how I cling to my family and friends. I hug them every chance that I get. I'm not scared of losing them, but rather thankful that I have them. Every day, every second, that I am able to spend with these beautiful blessings is one for which I am eternally thankful.

Some of you may get tired of me saying this, but I love my best friend. She is fabulous. She is incredible. :) I love her so much... She is such a light for the Lord and is always lifting me up. I am just..so thankful for her. She is beautiful. :)

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