16 November 2009

wow guys

Sorry for the long delay in updating. This semester has been fabulously busy for the past few months. It's been great, though.
I applied for a position as RA on campus not to long ago and will hear back about that later this week or early next week. I'm really praying that the Lord will provide this new job for me. I'm scared about it and where it might lead, but I'm ready to make the jump.
Classes are going well. I need to pull a few of my grades up a bit before the end of the semester, but I'm doing substantially better than last year I am sure.
Friends are lovely. I am blessed, that's for sure. I miss the few who aren't here, but have high hopes of seeing them soon.

current music: "Two Is Better Than One" - Boys Like Girls with Taylor Swift

I'm at work for another forty-five minutes, then off to dinner and Walmart, only to end up at the library around seven for a group project.
I wish this was more insightful, but it's not. Sorry guys.
Thanksgiving break is rapidly approaching and I'm entirely too ready for it. My brain has been fried like an egg sunnyside up for a grand amount of time. Fabulously filling food is on the menu for next week. I'm not sure there is a better option.

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