16 September 2009

in fall days there is flavor

On some days I miss my friends who are far from me more than others, but I'm alright.

My heart is so overflowing with love that I can't make heads or tails of it.

I've half a page left in my notebook - literally half - and the nostalgia and surreal reality that I have completely filled this notebook with a little over a year's worth of memories and notes is incredible to me. I always feel such an accomplishment when I punctuate the last line of a notebook. Looking back I am able to see how God brought me through situations that I felt like would never have light. He gave and took away in so many different aspects of my life and I see that it is all working for my good. He is so powerful and so true to His Word and promises. I feel like I've grown so much, come so far...yet it's only been a year and I am still a child in my knowledge.

Oh love that will not let me go!

p.s. Guitar = Jude. <3

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