04 April 2012


I struggle with self-worth a lot. I struggle with feeling so condemned for the things I've done, but God has set us free from those struggles through His love and holding onto them is like denying His grace.

That lesson (mostly to myself) aside, you are worth more than anyone will ever be able to explain to you. Your worth isn't rooted in the thoughts of someone else. They aren't stuck in the things you've done or the places you've been. You are you because God spoke you into existence.

You are you because the God of the universe spoke you. Called you by your name, by your DNA, and gave you a purpose here on this earth.

Your worth is not tied to the people you're around. If so, it would be ever changing, but no - your worth is founded and anchored and sealed in the Most High.

You are perfect because you have been made.

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