16 April 2012

Dasher Facts

And this, my friends, will be the most notable accomplishment of my final semester at Berry. I hereby give you Fun Facts about Tom Dasher (Pop Culture):

 "Never Trust a poodle." 1/11/12

"Have you been to (name anywhere in the world)? ohhh, you need to go! Travel!" (commence travel speech)

"Ezra Pound would say that "epic" is a cheap word. And so is cinema."

"The only suspense in Glee is will these people ever graduate?" 2/6/12

"I was on YouTube..."

"Oh and while we're talking about the head of the Yale theater during the early 1900s, did you know that Meryl Streep graduated with her MFA from Yale?" (paraphrase)

"In Greek it's your destiny. In American it's your choice." (On deities and fate Greek and American tragic theater)

"Nothing like a little incest." 2/22/12

"We're living in a post-atomic age and it's really just weird." 2/27/12

"Fitzgerald died in Hollywood while having an affair with a gossip columnist." 3/14/12

"Stay away from amoebas in water. Dysentery is gross." - 3/21/12

Dasher went to Pamplona in 1971 and almost ran in the bull run but his friend convinced him that it was a stupid idea.  He was just out of college.

Dasher read Lady Chatterley's Lover at the age of 10 after finding his mother's copy under a couch cushion.

Dasher did his Masters thesis on D. H. Lawrence

Dasher couldn't be drafted because of his leg but his number was 200-something at his school. They gave lots of prizes to the guy who was #1.

(He has worn white and khaki every Monday of this semester).

"Hair was a rock musical with Diane Keaton and a nude scene." 4/9/12

"You may think I'm obsessed with sex, but I'm not. All literature is about sex and death. That's the one thing my wife and I agree on. She's a high school English teacher."

"Faulkner considered naming his novel Twilight instead of The Sound and the Fury. Why do you think he changed his mind?"
Student: "I don't know, but if he'd kept it, Stephanie Meyer never would've written her series."

Fact: Dasher watched Bride Wars and liked it.

"Yesterday, he wore the most incredible seersucker suit with a matching pair of shoes & tie. That man should at least get bonus points for being so fly." - J. Johnson on Dasher

Dasher was a busboy at a restaurant for several years when, on a random night, the bartender quit and he (Dasher) was told to replace him behind the bar. Thus, Dasher was a bartender for 6 years. (story told by a fellow student)

"The greatest movie of the 80s was The Terminator." 4/16/12

To Be Continued...

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