03 November 2011

writing intensive life

The last two days in this week just got twice as busy as before. It's frustrating when I forget about mandatory meetings with my professors, a mandatory 4-source annotated bibliography for a 10-12 minute presentation, and a thesis and two body paragraphs due in another essay.
The most frustrating part about these assignments is not that they are all due within a few days of each other, but rather because they are all assignments from the same class.
I honestly don't know how an English major can live without book summaries and reviews online. It's impossible to take more than one literature class and keep up with the reading, assignments, and homework and still be able to breathe.

The saddest part about it all is that my spiritual life is suffering the most.  My grades are grand. I'm seriously doing better than normal in my classes and I'm so thankful, but my spiritual life, the most important, is suffering.

College is taking a toll on my heart.

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