21 June 2010

hot minute

it's been entirely too long since I've written - for that i apologize. For the past week I was in Panama City Beach at Big Stuf. Talk about an incredible trip!
We met with some blocks on the way down there AND on the way back - the excursion was acting up due to a clogged fuel filter and didn't want to go very fast. However, the Lord worked that out and we arrived at PCB and back in Macon safely both times. We were also blessed to stay in the Laketown Wharf. Talk about ridiculously amazing. Seriously - please let me have one of those condos. I will gladly use it for whoever is paying for it. =D

The whole week was full of good times and hard times. I cried more on Tuesday (I think) than I have in one single 24 period in a long time. It was more out of frustration and confusion than anything else. I can't quite say that most of it was cleared up or satisfied or made better, but I know that in the end God gets the glory. The Skit Guys did a video that night (or was it Wednesday night?) that really rocked my socks. I want you guys to see it: godschisel.com
Seriously, one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. I only had one tissue and it was soaked by the time they finished. I'm sure at one point I was sobbing.

It was incredibly humbling to watch other people worship...to watch these children who are high school and middle school aged kids (I know I've only been out of HS for 2 years, but bear with me) make much of God. To see them really just worship...WOW! When I was their age, that's not something I knew. True worship was so very unfamiliar to me. Unknown even! I know some of them may have simply been doing what others around them were doing or may have been "putting up a front" of loving the Lord, but I know in my heart that there were so many that have really tasted and seen that Adonai is gracious. Most of their stories are more intense than mine..and they've seen God triumph in the most magnificent ways in their lives and those around them. To see them come together, unified in THE God - absolutely humbling.

There's more that I could say about Big Stuf, but I really don't know where to begin without taking a ton of time to make it happen. I'm sure more will come out over the next few posts. I'm still processing most of it. The theme was "Think" by the way - and the emphasis was on the truth that if we can train our THOUGHTS to be on what is ABOVE, our actions will change. Our mind is the battleground. God changes our hearts, but He doesn't change our minds..that's something we have to deal with.
That little bit right up there called me out on so many things. The rest of it was just as good.

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  1. That is exactly the message God has been bringing to me for a few months now!! My mind is definitely a battleground, but God is already victorious!