10 December 2009


Clouds personify Life’s motion pictures,
Our beings—actions, words, faces, changes—
Completely embodied in white,
Flowing together in constant motion,
Peaceful at times,
Colliding, friction, triggering lightning, thunder.

Some whisk by alone, divided from those once called home,
Only soon to find a friend, or an angel, to stroll the irregular path.

While being united and split in the ebb and flow of life,
These white billows change…
In sync with light, in sync with time,
Forming pictures and reactions to fit emotions, events…
Life shaping as all streams by
Forever changing, forever experiencing, forever growing.

It is in these gains and losses that we find ourselves.
We lose and cry, eternally changing how we exist
Yet in time, we come back—
Recharged and ready to take on the world,
If only to make this cycle again.

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