22 November 2009


How do I feel about death? what is its significance in my life? Of this, I am not sure.

I am excited about going home this weekend and getting the chance to relax and have fun with friends and family. I'm so stoked to read the Twilight books and eat...just eat good food, not Dhall food, but really good food. I can't wait to work on the Christmas presents that I have to work on.
In my mind I write love stories. I write so many of them. SSometimes it's hard to write my own love story, but I do. Of late, I have actually ventured to writing part of ti down. Unfortunately none of you will read it. I'm sorry to say this, but 'tis true.

I have a five page essay due tomorrow that I'm barely a paragraph into. I am writing on Poe's "The Raven" and Bryant's "thanatopsis." It's kind of a compare and contrast of their general views of death, simultaneously contrasting the views of transcendentalists when it comes to death and that of the dark romantics, lik ePoe. I love Poe's writing and Thanatopsis was definitely love to me. Is it legal to like Poe, who so hated the transcendentalists, and still find such a grand grand thrill in reading Whitman and Thoreau, Emerson and Bryant? I feel like this is not legal, but alas my mind makes it so.

I'm sitting in Austin's room, my eyes closed and my head laying against the window. I'm not even looking at the computer screen. I'm only paying attention to my head. Juli is sitting on the big beanbag chair reading Eclipse once more and Austin is singing music from Across The Universe beside me on his comfy, cushy bead. It's quite comfortint to know that there is another free spirit like me in the world - one who doesn't mind sitting on the grass between class and not worry about the world. We napped for a whoile hour the other day. It was grand.

I'm ready for thaknsgiving. I love m friends. I am so enthusiastic sometimes...I love too fast? Is that possible?
I want to hold your hand.

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