11 December 2011

Christmas Break Goals

I need this list. I keep thinking of new things to put on it and forget them within the next hour. I'm convinced that vegging out in front of a tv does that to you.

1. Exodus - I want to get through the whole book.
2. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (for 20th century American next semester, obviously)
3. 1 Mile on my bike non-stop
4. Master the art of sanding
5. Clean out my closet
6. Finalize my fundraiser list for WR
7. Catch up on Passion podcasts
8. Towels/socks
9. Visit baby sister & 2nd mom
10. Serenbe
11. Crafties with my best friend
12. Gumbeaux's (Scottie Knollin, you need in on this)
13. Blog often (preferably daily)
14. Write letters
15. Not stay up so late

(to be continued)

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