25 July 2011

new Obssessions

I've been paying more attention to technological developments of late.

By that I mean I'm a new fan of Google+ and Spotify.

BIG fan.

Spotify is what Google Music wants to be..and hopefully will become in the near future. Spotify gives you access to all songs..ever. For free. Of course, you have to pay to alleviate commercials or use such an app on your iPhone or Android phones. However, its musical library is vast and limitless (unless you're trying to pull in songs from other countries. Some copyright issues prevent intercontinental sharing).

Google+ is the monopoly's newest attempt at social networking and I'm a fan. Biggest plus: Circles. You can share what you want with whomever you want - if you want to share with just one person, do it. A group of your nerdiest pals? Go for it. No one else will judge you because they can't see it. It makes planning parties more exciting and trumps Facebook's ever-failing 'Groups' option. My only hang up with the network is how hard it is to tell how something is being shared. When you see a post from someone else, you can't tell if it's shared just to you or to many people (at least not that I've noticed so far). Otherwise, I'm a big fan.

Google+ makes me want a smartphone for the first time ever...well, alongside Spotify.

Maybe one day.

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