25 October 2010

Sugar cookies for breakfast? ... check

Juli and I made the most wonderful sugar cookies in the world last night...and put icing on them. If we were any older we would probably shoot ourselves, but they are sugary goodness from heaven!
I also spent a little time in Moon yesterday. My walk back to Morgan was absolutely incredible. My art professor said a few days ago that there is no black in nature and I saw that first hand last night. I sat outside for the longest time just pondering creation and the colors around me. I was floored.
Today is the first day in my dress-up week. My advisor laughed at me after hearing my answer to his question about my nice attire. Dress for success. Carson Conway. (Whose birthday is May 20. I will never forget.)
He approved my classes for next semester and calmed my fears about post-graduation life and even about taking Spanish with Jen Correy, which is a leap in and of its own. He also understands why I am so demanding when it comes to my Keds. I want them to be clean. When I accidentally walk through mud, I get upset. It's completely my fault, but it still bothers the mess out of me.

Speaking of Keds, wearing them without shoe laces is like riding a bike with no handlebars...no handlebars..

Oh, so here are my classes for next semester:
1. 2-D Art w/ Dreyer 9-950a MWF
2. Western Lit w/ Tenger 10-10:50a MWF  (I'm taking Modern Brit w/ her right now)
3. Romantic Lit w/ Trolander 12:30-1:45p TH (my advisor, Jane Austen & Lit Studies prof)
4. Early 20C Art w/ Troy 2-3:15p TH (I've taken 3 art history courses w/ her)
5. Renaissance Lit w/ Taylor 3:30-4:45p TH

Spanish 101 & 102
40 hours of work / week


Okay so that's how things are shaping up right now. I'm kind of excited about it...a little nervous because of all the intense Relay for Life stuff that's going to be happening at the same time, but I think it'll be alright as long as my committee does what they need to do! I have confidence in them.

Okay, class time.
love you guys

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