14 October 2009

I'm actually going to write something legit

Well, it depends on what you call legit.

I feel like my life has been going in twenty thousand different directions of late. Last night I went to sleep angry which totally threw off my entire day. I know bottling up anger isn't the best thing, but right now I see no outlet that's worth the effort. I'm excited about getting out of here next semester and starting something that I think will be a bit easier on my nerves and a lot less stressful than this get up. My birthday is coming up which also marks the anniversary of my Papa's death. It's surreal. Mom was thinking about coming to visit me that weekend, but I told her not to. I think it will be better not making a big deal about it. I remember him in my own way at my own times...which is more often than I let on...but memorializing his death doesn't seem appropriate to me. My grandfather lead an incredible life. It deserves much more recognition than his untimely death. I praise the Lord that he stood firm in his faith always, never wavering. I just wish I could share with him my own faith...though I found it years ago, I'm only just now beginning to utilize it.

It's a totally different ballgame when all you do is absorb. Sitting in water does nothing but make your skin wrinkly. Yet, we need to be filled with water - we are made of water.

School is going pretty well. My lit class is, of course, my favorite. I have a presentation in art tomorrow. I don't think it will be terrible...I'm just not looking forward to it. Tennis is over which is basically no fun, but I''m glad I won't be taking it in the cold part of the semester. I wish I could take it over and over again and get credit, though. I miss playing. I feel like college drops all options for those who love the game but aren't good enough to be pro.

My birthday is coming up, did I mention that? I think I'm excited. :)

I feel like I'm neglecting so much in my life right now...especially my walk with the Lord. I've gotten out of the habit of reading my Bible and I don't even know HOW I got out of the habit. The last time I checked [hah] I was reading almost everyday and studying the Word avidly. I guess that's how life goes, though. I need to work on that more and make sure that I spend time with the Lord. It's hard for me not to pray or think about Him...just like it's rare that my family and best friends don't cross my mind. They mean so much to me and are always on my mind. Just like the Lord.

I want to write, but I feel blocked. This place is killing me. Maybe I'll sleep on a bench with a few deer as my friends. HAHAHA
good night kids

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