17 January 2009

a vain attempt at hating the word 'steed'

Under a green sky with indigo clouds, I stood
watching chartreuse birds and muavelous bees float by.
The sun shone tickle-me-pink and cast an ivory glow
on my whole world.
Trees stood scarlet and deceptive, my skin iridescent beneath them.
The mountains and grass glowed lavender and violet around me.
Over the horizon of teal you rode and offered me your hand.
You lead me away [insert something here]
to spring green grass beside icy blue brooks.
The sky turned a peaceful blue, the clouds a starry white.
Trees swayed in the wind, deep shades of forest green and brown.
All is right in this world where the sun shines yellow and hot
as long as we're together
together for now ... forever.

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